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      When my son, Declan, was just a baby I would layer blankets under him on our wood floors so that he could practice rolling, crawling and sitting up on his own. Declan was an active child and often the blankets would bunch up under him or he would simply roll off. Not to mention our beloved dog (whose manners aren’t always the best) would pull at the blankets scattering them all over the place! When play time was over, I was left to fold and store the many blankets it took to provide my son with a safe cushion. 

      Then, one day I plopped Declan down on a Memory Foam rug and that moment changed everything. In that spot, my active son got all the movement he wanted with none of the bumps and cries! All I heard from Declan were happy grunts and giggles. He was free to focus on having fun while learning important motor skills.

      I want you and your child to experience the same comfort, ease and fun in your own home! Squishy Mats are made for busy, on the go families like yours. They’re portable, easy to clean, and provide a soft spot for everyone!

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      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      "I love this little changing Matt and my kids do too! I have a toddler and a newborn so I do multiple car diaper changes a day, usually in the trunk of my SUV... this pad is comfy for them, lightweight for me, more sanitary than laying them directly on my car lining, and it wipes off easily if they get it dirty. I would highly recommend it!"
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      "Love this changing mat. It's super soft and thick enough to cushion my baby when I change her diaper. I'm just using it on the couch now but plan to put it in the car for when we go out. I threw it in the wash once and it came out perfect. Highly recommend."
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      "This is perfect for us when we travel to see family to have a clean soft spot for baby. I also am using it as a nap mat for week days as I am a nanny at a family’s house. This gives my son something familiar he recognizes so he feels comfortable napping anywhere"
      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
      "Great mat for our three month old! He plays on it, has even napped on it and it's easy to pack up and take anywhere! I like that it's grippy on the bottom, that was nice when we had some toddlers visiting because we didn't have to worry about slips on the hardwoods like when you put a blanket down."
      Mom's Choice Award - August 24, 2019
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