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      Let’s face it: As parents, we can’t hold our kids 24/7 (even thought we know that’s probably what they’d prefer). Not only do mom and dad need some time to get things accomplished, it’s important for little ones to spend some time learning and growing on their own. Crawling is an important part of development, but it can be tough to simply put them on the hard floor, and watch them go. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve put one of my children on a blanket on the floor, only to see their head bob and hear a cry after a nose or a forehead is bumped. And, let’s face it: Do any of us clean our floors as often as we’d like? Putting a blanket down doesn’t do the trick: A few army crawls later, and it’s all bunched and folded up uselessly as your baby scoots around on the floor itself. Thankfully, there are options: A baby crawling mat protects your baby as they explore and grow stronger while they’re learning to crawl.

      A Baby Crawling Mat to Protect Your Little One

      Baby crawling matA crawling mat for baby solves both problems: The soft, minky fabric and thick foam protect your baby from bumps while they explore, and the non-skid backing keeps the mat in place so your baby can scoot around to her heart's content without the mat coming  along with her. The best part about having a crawling mat for baby from Squishy Mats is that it can be packed up and taken anywhere you go! It folds down to a small size that fits into even the fullest diaper bags, or, you can carry it on its own using the convenient, built-in handles. Each size is useful – we recommend the Little Squishy or the Big Squishy baby floor mats for crawling, so your baby can have more room to explore. Our baby mats for crawling are:

      • Made out a thick foam to cushion any tumbles
      • Covered in soft minky
      • Made with a non-skid backing so it won't go anywhere
      • Packs up easily so you can take it wherever you go
      • You can take the mats everywhere you want to go!

        The Importance of Crawling

        Crawling is important for babies in many ways, including furthering their physical development, spatial understanding, vision, coordination, confidence, and strength.

        • Physical Development
        • Spatial Understanding
        • Binocular Vision
        • Coordination
        • Self-Confidence
        • Physical Strength

        Crawling is important for your baby’s development, as it helps develop her gross and fine motor skills (as she uses muscles she hasn’t previously needed to use), balance, and hand-eye-coordination. Additionally, it begins to build her spatial understanding, as she begins to grasp the physical limits around her. It also allows her to focus on an item, and work to get to it – which is called binocular vision. At the same time, it also increases coordination, as all the senses must be used at the same time. She’ll also grow in self-confidence, as she tests limits, and begins to understand what she can, and cannot do. The physical act of crawling is also extremely beneficial for her physical strength, as the core, legs, arms, and neck muscles are all being used. Having baby mats for crawling that you can take anywhere will help you feel at ease letting your little one explore to her heart's content!

        Baby Floor Mats for Crawling:  A Safe Place to Play

        Baby floor mats for crawling are a great way to create a clean, safe space for your little ones as they learn to crawl. Say no to bunched-up blankets, dirty floors, and bumps on the head. Choose a crawling mat for baby that you can take anywhere, is soft and cushioned, and won’t skid around on any surface.