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      Hello! I’m Shelley and — together with my son Declan — we are the creators of Squishy Mats.

      Declan was and (still is) a wiggle worm. When he was little  I would layer blankets under him during baby play and tummy time, but our beloved dog (whose manners aren’t always the best) would dash around and scatter those blankets all over the place!

      The day I plopped Declan down on a Memory Foam rug changed everything. In that spot, my active son got all the movement he wanted with none of the typical bumps and cries! All I heard from Declan were happy grunts and giggles.

      I want you and your child to experience the same happy place in your home! Squishy Mats have busy families like yours in mind: They’re portable, simple to clean, and a soft spot for all ages!