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      The silliest of falls can result in a fat lip, or a goose egg on the forehead. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve put my little one on a blanket or baby mat on the floor, only to hear a bump and a cry. Infants and babies tend to bump their heads on the ground a lot when they’re doing tummy time, learning to crawl, or playing. The majority of children’s floor mats leave a lot to be desired – finding soft floor mats that also withstand the rigors of a busy life is next to impossible. Thankfully, Squishy Mat’s high-quality baby mat solves all the problems parents face as they work to create a safe place for baby to learn and grow.

      A Baby Floor Mat that Beats them All

      Soft Baby Mat The reason I love Squishy Mat’s floor mats for kids and floor mats for baby, is that they are so high quality. They’re made out of a thick memory foam that cushions every little bonk and fall that your baby makes. They’re perfect for when you want to sit and play with your baby, too – the foam is thick enough to be comfortable for adults! They are covered in the softest of minky fabrics that mimic your baby’s favorite blanket. The bottom of the mat for baby is made from a non-skid backing, so it won’t move with your baby while they play. And, they fold down to a very small size. I can fit mine into even the most crowded diaper bag (and, trust me – mine’s usually jam-packed) with ease. Or, you can fold it up and use the convenient built-in handles to take it wherever you go.  So, let’s review the awesome features of this floor mat for baby:

      • Soft floor mats are covered in cozy minky
      • Non-skid backing keeps infant floor mats in place
      • Each of the children’s floor mats is made of a thick memory foam to protect bumps and spills
      • Baby floor mat folds down very small and can be packed up easily and taken wherever your family goes!

      Creating a Safe Space for Your Little One

      It’s important to create a safe space for our kids, where they can play. And, if you’re like me, it’s tough to find a good place: Many homes have hardwoods, and rugs aren’t soft enough to protect little ones if they fall. When you have a baby floor mat that is designed to stay in place, cushions from any spills, and can be packed up and taken to school, the park, the library, or your friend’s house, you can be confident knowing your infant, tollder, or child always has a safe place to play.

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