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How are Squishy Mats different from other mats?

Your baby deserves the best. Our mats are the first to combine memory foam, a soft upper, and no-skid backing all in an easily transportable package. They're made with top quality materials that will withstand the rigors of daily use and rough transport. This is not a cheap thin mat that will need to be replaced after baby one, and with proper care it should easily be able to survive multiple little ones for years to come.

Most other mats are small with little to no padding at all, and learning little ones easily roll off or crawl off traditional mats. Our mats are generally larger and create a big surface area for your little ones to explore, learn, and develop new motor skills without the constant little bumps that come with lifting their heads, rolling, attempting to crawl, or cruising around furniture when learning to walk.

What are the sizes Squishy Mats come in?

We offer two different mat sizes: 4'x 4' and 3'x 3' – and changing mat.

What are they made of?

Squishy Mats are comprised of a memory foam center, plush minky fabric on top and a non-skid backing. We chose top quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our mats don't fray or wear easily and can stand up to the abuse of toddlers or even pets.

Where can I take them / use them?

Squishy Mats can be used everywhere! They are perfect for all indoor floor types, but their use is not limited to the indoors, or to just babies! Take your Squishy Mat to baby yoga or concerts in the park. They make great picnic blankets, tumble mats, and dog beds as well! We also designed our mats with portability in mind so they're super easy to take on the go, they fold up in mere seconds and the small squishy can easily be tucked into a diaper bag and taken out of the house or on a trip.

How do I clean a Squishy Mat?

Your Squishy Mat is washer, dryer and bleach safe. A damp cloth may be used to wipe up small spills.

How can I contact Squishy Mats?

You have several options – OR 970.930.7272.  Emails will always be answered within 24 business hours.

What are your hours of operation?

We are available Monday through Thursday, 9am-5pm and on Friday 9am-12pm Mountain Standard Time.

Do you offer Gift Options?

Squishy gift cards are available.


Babies are such precious gifts, they make mothers feel all warm and happy inside and the instinct to protect and care for them is stronger than any other feeling. Squishy mats are designed by mothers and women who understand your maternal instincts and the need to provide the best for your child. Squishy mats target many areas of concern for your baby and aim to provide the best solution there is.

More space

Every baby is an explorer as soon as they learn to turn or roll over. You remove your eyes from the little one for a second and it is already trying to get to its favorite toy all on its own. Most mats available are smaller in size and uncomfortable for the child while they are learning to roll over. Squishy mats come in different sizes to cater to the growing needs of the child.


Most play mats are hard, and babies might even get a rash sitting on them for too long. Squishy mats are focused on comfort and have thick padding installed, which helps the baby play comfortably even on hard flooring. The top layer is mink with ¾’’ of memory foam, designed to keep the baby warm and comfortable.

Easy to clean

Most baby mats are an ordeal to clean, squishy mats are washer and dryer safe and you can also bleach them for extra cleanliness. They are quick and easy to clean and smaller spills can be clean using a cloth.


New mothers are often carrying each and everything with them whenever they leave the house, squishy mats can easily double as changing mats, storage compartments and the skinny mini will even fit in your diaper bag. They are very easy to travel with and will keep your young one happy through your travels.

Bottom Line

Squishy mats aim to make a mother’s life easier by providing the best quality of mats with multiple uses. The non-skid backing, the soft material the padding in the mat will give you the satisfaction that you need for your child.

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