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      Can germs on your floors hurt your baby?

      Can germs on your floors hurt your baby?

      We all do it.... we get busy, have our hands full, are talking on the phone ... and we end up walking into our houses with our shoes on. Across our beautiful floors and essentially tracking the entire world in with us. 
      Did you ever stop to think what you are bringing into your house from your shoes? 👠 🥿 👟 👞  We put together some fun facts to help educate fellow Mom's about the yuck that can potentially be there.... and the Squishy Mats solution!


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      6 Tips for New On-The-Go Moms

      6 Tips for New On-The-Go Moms

      As a new mom, it is common to feel overwhelmed with errands. Here are some quick tips to keep you on your toes!

      Squishy Mats are designed by mothers in which has the same interest in common - they want what is best for their child. Why stop your daily activities and fun if you don’t have to?

      House Chores

      Learning how to crawl on tile, hardwood or rug floors are not absolute. They are at the risk of hurting themselves. As your baby starts crawling, you would want a safe environment that is soft and plush so they can properly learn how to crawl.

      Squishy Mats provides child safety crawling mats. The squishy mats have a non-skid backing - it stays where it is placed. You can still do your daily household chores while indirectly interacting with your child. It is a memory foam baby mat that will have your child feel comfortable.


      Exercise keeps you in shape and energized. When having children, exercise easily be put on the back burner. Not only are squishy mats, crawling mats for infants, but they are also portable baby play mats that can be used for any activity such as mommy and me yoga classes.

      The mats are perfect for trips to the park or play dates. Easy accessible, the squishy’s fold in on themselves and has a velcro closure, build to fit into minimal spacing.

      Running Errands

      As a new mom, it can be overwhelming with errands. The portable baby play mats are machine washable and bleach safe floor mats. For those days when you are constantly on the go, transporting the kids to and from school, sports activities or residuals, you can use a squishy. Made with a memory foam core, squishy mats are absorbent and built for comfort. Perfect choice for when your newborn or toddler need to take a nap or when eating a snack. Convenient enough, a damp cloth will help lift a spill.

      Perfect for active lifestyles, you can use a squishy mat when going to the grocery store. You can place the padded baby play mat inside the cart when looking for dinner and if your baby decides they want a bathroom break, you can use it to change them in a stall or the backseat of your vehicle.

      Family Gatherings

      Beach days or even a back patio barbeque will be delightful with a portable baby play mat. Imagine hanging in the hammock with your baby alongside you sleeping ever so delicately, or playing with building block on their memory foam padded play mat, while your reading a book or writing your thoughts.

      Despite the location of the floor play mat, it is guaranteed to keep your baby comfortable. Made from plush mink, it is designed to keep your baby warm. For those parents that breastfeed or swaddle their babies, squishy mats could be used to support and position the baby correctly.


      As a new mother, finding time for yourself can be crucial. It is important for self-care. If everything is overwhelming, sit back, relax and take a nice bath or maybe read a book.

      While your bubbles are filling up, you can place the crawling mat or padded floor mat along the side of the shower with toys or maybe a baby play gym so you can watch your babies every move while making time for yourself. The grip from the non-slip backing will help the keeping the padded play mat into place.

      Dog Lovers

      Squishy mats are a perfect place for young kids of all ages to crawl without the typical discomfort of a hard tile, wood or linoleum floors. However, squishy mats aren't just for babies, their for animals too! Mothers aren’t limited to just having children - animals are our babies as well!

      Squishy mats provide a comfortable, soft, resting spot for animals who like to dig their bed. The memory foam core helps the moisture wicking fabric in which help keep the floor mat cool.

      Understanding Your Newborn: The First Six Weeks

      Understanding Your Newborn: The First Six Weeks

      Ever wondered how moms in the parenting magazines seem to have everything under control?

      I got news for you. They don’t. They just go with the flow. The first six weeks of a newborn are what I call pure hell.

      No matter what book you buy or parenting class you attend, it won’t prepare you for the journey your about to embark on.

      Here are some tips that can help you along the way.

      Use Gentle Products on your Baby

      Use soaps and shampoos that are made for your baby. Products that contain harsh chemicals and fragrance may irritate your baby’s skin.

      Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

      Brace yourself. Sleep is almost non-existent once your baby arrives. Getting as much sleep throughout the day is necessary.

      Try getting sleep when your baby sleeps. You’ll feel a lot more energized when you do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you find you're getting restless it’s probably best if you have someone watch your baby while you take a nap.

      Know When to Get Help

      You’re going to need all the help you can get. So if mom wants to help out let her. If your husband is free to handle the cooking then ask him. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is.

      When in Doubt Ask Your Pediatrician

      Don’t take your aunts word for it. When in doubt ask your pediatrician. Pediatricians are well qualified to give you advice on your babies health. Home remedies may have worked ages ago but in the case of your newborn, you can’t take any chances.

      Take Caution When Handling The Umbilical Cord

      Guard that belly button with your life. Be careful not to wet it or irritate the area. Keep it dry for as long as you can and give your baby a sponge bath in the meantime. After the stump falls off on its own you’ll be able to ease up a bit.

      What They Don’t Tell You About Breastfeeding

      By now you probably have been told that you should breastfeed your baby. And that it’s the best thing you can do for your baby. What they don’ t tell you is it can be pretty painful at times. I’m talking sore nipples and cramps. It’s worth it though.

      There are so many benefits to breastfeeding. Some benefits to breastfeeding are: it reduces the risk of viruses, protects against diseases, could help obesity, and builds your child’s immune system.

      For moms, breastfeeding helps you lose weight, saves you money, and helps you bond with your little one. Despite its benefits, if you feel you want to give your baby formula instead, that’s fine too.

      Kindly Ask for Visitors to Wash Their Hands

      Always ask for visitors to wash their hands before handling your baby. Newborns can easily get sick during this time period. Cold and flu viruses can cause some serious health problems for a new baby. Try your best to keep germs away from your infant.

      Sometimes it can be difficult keeping hands clean when you're on the go. In this case, bring hand sanitizer with you.

      Look Out for Baby Poop!

      It’s always a good idea to observe your baby’s poop and pee pattern. Observe how often your baby poops and pees throughout the day. It’s also good to know the color of the stool.

      Baby Poop comes in all shapes and sizes. For a newborn, it’s normal to see yellow, brown, green, or blackish greenish stool. Anything other than that, I suggest asking your pediatrician about it.

      Listen to Your Baby

      A newborns only way of communicating is through their cries. More often or not, your baby is probably hungry, has a dirty diaper, is sleepy, or feels uncomfortable. Here are some things you can do to comfort your little one.

      • Rub your baby’s back
      • Rock her
      • Swaddle her
      • Play soothing music
      • Put your baby on a comfortable surface

      Sometimes, just holding your baby is enough to make her feel at ease.

      After 6 Weeks

      By now your baby has grown a little. You probably adjusted a little to everything and can’t wait to see your baby hit their first milestone. In fact, you're probably anticipating the day he or she will roll over for the first time. Don’t worry there’s plenty of time to see that.

      Embrace the Journey

      Cherish every laugh, every smile, and the times you get to play with your baby. Before you know it your little one is walking on their own and talking.

      5 Affordable Gifts for Expecting and New Moms

      5 Affordable Gifts for Expecting and New Moms

      So, someone you know just announced that they are pregnant - yay! It is probably safe to assume that she is already drowning in cute onesies and nursery room essentials but, let’s face it - as much as an expecting mother wants cute onesies and blankets for every occasion, what she really wants is functional essentials that will make her life easier intra- and post-pregnancy. We picked out 5 essential, yet affordable presents for all the fab expecting moms-to-be in your life that range from must-have pampering to a versatile, life-changing baby mat.


      1. Bump Box Subscription ($49.99 per box): This is the perfect pregnancy gift because there is a gift box for every trimester: first, second, third, and fourth. Each gift box contains 5-7 full-size products chosen to pamper the mom-to-be throughout her pregnancy - gift one, or gift all four! This is the perfect at-home pamper-in-a-box for expecting mothers who want to try new products and discover holy grails!


      2. Like a Mother ($24.99): There are tons of mom books out there but, this one offers a refreshing and empowering assessment of the science and culture of expecting and early motherhood challenges. It answers all of the burning questions moms-to-be have while offering upbeat recommendations for navigating your new journey.


      3. Squishy Mats (starting at $34.95): Our mats were designed by mothers for mothers with the objective of making a mother’s life easier by providing a high-quality baby mat that is multi-functional, machine washable, comfortable, and portable. We offer 3 sizes - The Big Squishy (4 x 4), The Little Squishy (3 x 3), and The Skinny Mini (16 x 32) all of which can be used at home or on-the-go and feature a memory foam center, plush minky upper fabric, and a non-skid backing that are perfect for all indoor and outdoor activities. We believe you deserve peace of mind and that your little deserves the best! Pro tip: these baby mats make great picnic blankets and tumble mats, can be used underneath play gyms and as added support, and comfort under sensory mats, and we’ve found that our fur babies love them just as much as our little ones do!


      4. Bundle Organics Prenatal Juice Variety Pack ($15): These tasty, nutrient-packed juices are the first USDA approved organic prenatal drinks that have been specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of women trying to conceive, pregnant or expectant and breastfeeding. This variety pack includes 3 - 12-ounce bottles of juice in the following flavors: orange carrot ginger, kale apple lemon ginger, and dark berry veggies). Yum!



      5. Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag ($49.99): A stylish yet functional diaper bag that provides insulated bottle pockets (to keep pre-made bottles and water cold on the go), easy drawstring closure, multiple organization compartments and storage pockets, padded shoulder straps, non-insulated pockets for snacks, and a waterproof fabric lining. It also features straps that allow you to hang the bag on strollers and carts with ease. Big enough to fit everything you and your little will need - including the Squishy Mats Skinny Mini Portable Changing Mat!

      This post is not sponsored in any way. The products listed here are products that moms around the world have found functional and essential in their mom-to-be and new mom journeys! We hope that this list inspires you to buy great, affordable, and functional gifts for expecting and new moms. We encourage you to share this list with your friends!

      Why A Squishy Mat? Our Baby Floor Play Mat Is Safe & Non-Slip

      Why A Squishy Mat? Our Baby Floor Play Mat Is Safe & Non-Slip

      Promote Movement

      Freedom of movement is what newborn babies need when they first start exploring their capability to play and move without assistance. The number one concern for mothers, when their baby begins to play crawl or move is safety. Mothers are always concerned that their child might hurt themselves or end up slipping or getting a bump on their head.

      Baby Injuries 

      While most injuries are normal and do not hurt the baby as much, some can have permanent effects on your child. Babies are prone to getting injured when learning to crawl. If there is a baby floor play mat that is available on the market, many mothers are not always at ease with them and they often lack many necessary features.

      Designed By Moms

      The reason our mats resonate so well with concerned mothers is that they are designed by mothers; and we also keep the quality of the product as our utmost concern. The reason that we are the best choice for your child is because our mats are made from the highest quality of memory foam to protect your baby from hurting themselves. 

      Whereas blankets have been a trend for children to play on yet they are not safe and are prone to sliding whenever your baby tries to move. Your baby needs a free space to move and blankets restrict that.


      Squishy Mats are perfectly portable and can fit into any crowded diaper bag; with sizes to choose from each of our products has a non-skid backing, which provides your child a solid surface to play on without coming in contact with the hard floors underneath.

      Soft Material

      The top is as soft as a blanket, made from mink material that provides your baby with the comfort that they need. These floor mats fold and fit perfectly into smaller spaces and they are also very easy to carry.

      Easy To Wash

      These mats can be washed and used for a long time. These mats coms with storage and they are also a good option to travel with. You can easily spread on the floor without the fear of slipping or causing any injury to your child. Our mats are designed to provide a mother comfort and keep your baby safe in the process. Squish away!