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The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini
The Skinny Mini

The Skinny Mini

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◦        16’ x 32’ (unfolded) 

◦        3/4” MEMORY FOAM core

◦        WASHER and DRYER Safe

◦        BLEACH Safe!

◦        CPSC Certified & Intertek Tested

◦        Non-skid backing

◦        Soft Minky top layer

◦        Built in handle for storage and travel

◦        Velcro Closure

◦        Approved for children 0+ years

The ultimate in baby luxury – the mini is the perfect size for your newest family addition! Plus, it doubles as a handy changing table mat. Changing our little ones on beds, floors or counter-tops and worrying about cleanliness and the back of baby's head as we lower them down onto the surface is no longer a concern with the Skinny Mini Mat. This handy mat folds and closes with a sturdy Velcro handle for convenient travel and can easily be tucked into a diaper bag. It's also great at home on the top of changing tables for daily use. The memory foam padding is thick and soft enough to cushion baby during changing time and the soft upper won't be cold like plastic mats or other surfaces. Our high quality manufacturing will hold up to daily use whether at home or on the go.

All Mats have been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and are approved for children of all ages.

Newborn babies require a clean and safe environment at all times, for new mothers finding a clean place for their little ones becomes a challenge. Even if you do carry an extra changing mat with you keeping track of the baby and the extra essentials is stressful.

Babies who are not yet turning can use a smaller space while diaper change whereas the ones who start a movement on their own are sure to slide 3 inches away from the changing area. Compact- one necessary instruction to new mothers, carrying the whole house with you each time you leave the house with your newborn is not functional. Instead look for products that can multi-task and be easy to clean at the same time.

The skinny mini is designed to facilitate the little one and the mother, it has a built in handle, which provides storage and is easy to travel with. Skinny mini is a travel-friendly squishy mat that will provide you a clean space to change your baby’s diapers and clothes. It also makes a warm and cozy bed for a 1 to 2-month-old baby while you are traveling.

You can easily lay your baby next to you on the couch or anywhere else in the house while you do the chores. It spreads 16 x 32’’ and ¾’’ is memory foam. The top is designed for the little ones to comfort and is made of the softest mink material.

This product is dryer and washer safe and for those who want to go the extra step, it is also bleach safe. This is designed to reduce the time that mothers usually send cleaning mats. Skinny mini is CPSDC approved and is a good choice for 0+ years.

It is easy to keep in a diaper bag, which provides you with one less thing to carry around. This soft mat is sure to keep your child’s head safe from hardwood floors and other harmful spaces. The morning sun is excellent for newborn babies and their mothers; skinny mini comes in handy as you can lay your little one right next to you and soak up the vitamin D.

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