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      Let’s face it: Blankets don’t really cut it when it comes to a baby play mat. While they’re nice and soft, blankets aren’t designed to stay in place on your floor. They bunch up as babies crawl around, and tend to fold up and cover toys. At my house, they usually end up wrapped around my little one, who is left crying frustrated tears that she can’t move around. You could just put your baby on the floor, but, let’s be real here: None of us clean our floors as often as we’d like. No one wants to see their little one playing amidst dust bunnies. A baby play mat solves the problem: You have a soft, cushioned place where your little one can safely sit, and if it’s made right, it won’t move around while they play. Enter, the baby play mat from Squishy Mats.

      Playmats for Babies and Toddlers

      Baby Play MatThe soft, cushioned baby playmat from Squishy Mats is constructed in all the right ways. It is made from a thick foam, which means that your baby will be protected from any little bumps and tumbles while she plays. On the underside of the mat is a non-skid backing. This solves the problem of many kids play mats: it won’t scoot around with your children as they crawl, play with toys, and do their tummy time. The outside is soft – it’s made from minky, so it’ll feel just like their favorite blanket. My favorite part about these amazing kids play mats is that they can be packed up easily. They fold down very small, and can be tucked into even the fullest of diaper bags. Or, you can use the convenient, built-in handles to carry it on its own. The play mat for babies and kids can be used anywhere: Plop it on the floor in your own home, bring it to a friend’s house, pack it up and bring it to yoga, to the park, and much more.

      What Makes it the Best Baby Play Mat

      Our playmats for babies are made with quality in mind. They came from a need in my own life for a large baby playmat that could handle all types of play. The super soft, impact-absorbing memory foam protects the heads of your baby during tummy time, cushions any tumbles and spills as your baby learns to crawl, and withstands the jumping and more advanced play as your little one gets bigger! Unlike most playmats for infants and toddlers available today, our floor play mats won’t slide out from under your child, and it won’t bunch or fold, no matter where you put it. That’s because the backing is designed to keep it in place.

      • Soft play mats have non-skid backing so it won’t slip or move
      • Floor play mats are made of thick memory foam to cushion spills and tumbles
      • Each baby floor play mat has convenient handles to carry on its own
      • Each padded baby play mat folds down to a very small size
      • Kids play mats have a soft, minky exterior

      Small, Medium, and Large Play Mats Have Many Different Uses

      Our playmats for babies and kids can be used for many different purposes. You may want a large baby play mat for your toddler to play with his toys, or you might want playmats for infants that you can use for tummy time and learning to crawl. Kids love having a designated place to play, and our padded play mat offers a fun, safe place for playing with toys, reading books, or learning to crawl. And, they’re great for sitting with your baby or playing with your toddler, because the padding is thick enough to be comfortable for an adult. Packable, comfortable, and soft, each one of our baby floor play mats will create a safe, protected spot for your baby wherever you go!

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