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      Say Hello to Squishy Mats

      Shelley on Mat with Declan
      Hello! I’m Shelley, and I created Squishy Mats with my son, Declan. As a baby, Declan was quite the little wiggle worm (he still is). To keep him protected from my hard floors during play time and tummy time, I would layer blankets under him. But, our beloved dog (whose manners aren’t always the best, despite his good intentions), would dash around and soon the blankets would be scattered all over the place! This left poor Declan wrapped up in blankets, unprotected from the hard floor. I needed a solution. I set out to create a play mat that would protect babies during important tummy time development and play. This is how Squishy Mats was born. The day I plopped Declan down on his first Squishy Mat, everything changed. While on his play mat, my active son was able to move as much as he wanted, without those typical bumps and cries he usually experienced on a blanket, or low-quality mat. All I heard from Declan were happy grunts and giggles. I want your children to experience the same happy place themselves! I developed Squishy Mats with busy families (like yours) in mind.

      Portable, Easy to Clean, a Soft Spot for All Ages

      Who Can Use Squishy Mats?

      Squishy Mats can be enjoyed by people of all ages! No one likes sitting on a hard floor. These soft spots encourage grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles to sit on the floor with the little ones to play. You can take Squishy Mats anywhere – outdoor concerts, picnics, baby yoga, playdates, sporting events, and anywhere your family goes.

      Activites to Enjoy Squishy Mat

      How the Squishy Mat is Made

      I created Squishy Mats with quality and durability in mind. I wanted something that would keep my son protected from the typical bumps and scrapes he got during playtime, while lasting through the rigors our busy schedule created.

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      NASA Engineered Memory Foam:
      Each mat is made of almost one inch of memory foam.
      This low-resistance polyurethane foam was developed by NASA in the 1960’s.

      Soft MInky Exterior

      Soft Minky Exterior:
      Each mat is covered in a soft, minky fabric exterior that
      mimics the softness of your baby’s favorite blanket.

      Non-Skid Backing

      Non-Skid Backing:
      Each mat has a nonslip rubber grid on the back, which
      keeps it in place no matter where you put it, or how much your little one moves around.

      Packs Up Easily
      Packs Up Easily:
      Squishy Mats fold down to a very small size, and can be
      packed in any diaper bag, or carried using the convenient, built-in handles.
      Why You'll Love Squishy Mats

      How do Squishy Mats feel? In a word, Squishy! You and your baby will love your new play mat. The same memory foam I used to create Squishy Mats is used in pillows, mattresses, and even shoes. It is known for its ability to give, but spring back to its original shape. It’s thick enough for adults to sit on the floor with their kids, and protects your little one from the common tumbles babies experience during playtime. You and your baby will love the luxurious feel of the minky fabric, and you’ll love that the mat stays in place, no matter where you put it, due to the non-skid backing. Squishy Mats won’t get wrapped around baby as he plays, and it won’t slide out from under him!

      Squishy Mat Sizes

      Squishy mats come in three sizes:

      • 16x32" Changing Mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.
      • 3x3' Floor Mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.
      • 4x4' Floor Mat – folds and fastens with a carrying handle.