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      So, Why Do You Need A Baby Crawling Mat?

      Baby Crawling Mat

      As your baby starts rolling over and begins their journey on learning how to crawl, you want a safe and soft place for them. Learning how to crawl on hardwood floors or normal rugs is not ideal; your baby might get a rash or hurt themselves. As they are not fully in control of their movements, you want a space that is safe for your child to learn how to properly crawl on the floor.

      Most hardwood floors or marble floors are slippery, and that is a huge hazard for the little ones. Getting a crawling mat for your baby can help create an environment that is safe and injury-proof for small babies.

      We understand most of the concerns that a mother has for a baby who is learning to sit and crawl on their own. Our baby crawling mat is designed to cushion and protect your baby. Our mats are made from the softest materials to provide a safe skid-free space your baby.

      The Little Squishy mat is created to provide your child with the most comfortable place to play. It not only protects your child from hurting themselves and sliding on the floor, but it also protects your baby from floor accidents and food-spills. It is 3x3 in length, with a ¾ memory foam core. Our mats are designed to be washer and dryer safe with a soft minky top layer for added comfort.

      Our mats provide your baby with a comfortable place to master the art of rolling, sitting, and crawling. Our Little Squishy also has room for you, and you can be more hands on with your little one's crawling experiences. The non- skid backing and the impact absorbing memory foam is the highlight of our designs.

      The Little Squishy does not move around or slip from under your baby no matter how much it moves; it also provides a soft and warm sleeping area for your child if they prefer a nap in the middle of their rolling and crawling play time.

      All of our mats are certified by the consumer product safety commission and loved by new parents. The Little Squishy is sure to be a big hit for both you and your little one.