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      Why A Squishy Mat? Our Baby Floor Play Mat Is Safe & Non-Slip

      Why A Squishy Mat? Our Baby Floor Play Mat Is Safe & Non-Slip

      Promote Movement

      Freedom of movement is what newborn babies need when they first start exploring their capability to play and move without assistance. The number one concern for mothers, when their baby begins to play crawl or move is safety. Mothers are always concerned that their child might hurt themselves or end up slipping or getting a bump on their head.

      Baby Injuries 

      While most injuries are normal and do not hurt the baby as much, some can have permanent effects on your child. Babies are prone to getting injured when learning to crawl. If there is a baby floor play mat that is available on the market, many mothers are not always at ease with them and they often lack many necessary features.

      Designed By Moms

      The reason our mats resonate so well with concerned mothers is that they are designed by mothers; and we also keep the quality of the product as our utmost concern. The reason that we are the best choice for your child is because our mats are made from the highest quality of memory foam to protect your baby from hurting themselves. 

      Whereas blankets have been a trend for children to play on yet they are not safe and are prone to sliding whenever your baby tries to move. Your baby needs a free space to move and blankets restrict that.


      Squishy Mats are perfectly portable and can fit into any crowded diaper bag; with sizes to choose from each of our products has a non-skid backing, which provides your child a solid surface to play on without coming in contact with the hard floors underneath.

      Soft Material

      The top is as soft as a blanket, made from mink material that provides your baby with the comfort that they need. These floor mats fold and fit perfectly into smaller spaces and they are also very easy to carry.

      Easy To Wash

      These mats can be washed and used for a long time. These mats coms with storage and they are also a good option to travel with. You can easily spread on the floor without the fear of slipping or causing any injury to your child. Our mats are designed to provide a mother comfort and keep your baby safe in the process. Squish away!