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      10 Different Opinions On The Best Portable Changing Pad

      Portable Changing Pads

      Newborn babies are delicate and their skin can easily be affected by environmental conditions. Even as they grow and learn new things step by step like turning, crawling and eventually walking, you want to create a safe environment for them.

      There are different opinions on the use of changing mats. Do you really need them? Or is the one available in the public restroom fine? Make up your mind, as a mother you already have the answer.

      You do not want your child to suffer from rashes or suffer adverse reactions just because someone does not agree with your opinion on what the best portable changing pad is. We believe in the power of moms. We understand every aspect of raising a baby and have aimed our products at making your life easier.

      We create products that can be used in many other ways rather than just being a mat. We design products that give you an excellent economic deal, with the capability to be reused and washed without any damage which makes our product worth the investment.

      One of our Squishy Mats, the Skinny Mini, is an ideal mat your child's needs. You can easily carry it around without the need for extra luggage as it has a space for storing your baby’s diapers and other on the go essentials. It is just 16x32 when unfolded and it has the best quality non-skid backing. We understand that babies do not want to lie still when you are changing them. To cater to this problem our non-skid backing allows you to easily change the baby without the mat sliding out from under it.

      The Skinny Mini is an excellent choice for a portable changing mat because we have designed it to be washer and dryer free, plus it can be bleached, which is a relief if you have recently used it at the park or in a public restroom.

      All babies deserve the best possible care; and our Skinny Mini comes with a soft Minky top and ¾ memory foam to absorb impact. The Skinny Mini also has a Velcro closure and a built in handle for storage which makes this mat extremely portable, convenient, and easy to travel with. Squish away!