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      Baby tested. Parent approved.




      "Squishy Mats were the perfect choice for our baby. The foam is thick and soft, perfect for absorbing those little bumps and tumbles even over a hard floor like cement or tile, but not so thick that it will slow development. The mat makes a cold floor warm and welcoming. Squishy Mats really helped my little one to feel safe and take risks that really helped with motor development. The mat folds and rolls up into an easy to store and transport size. We even took it camping! We recommend Squishy Mats to all of our friends that currently have little ones or who are expecting. This is a must have for any play area. Easy to clean and easy to use!"
      ~Nova's dad 




      "I absolutely love our Squishy Mat. I watched our daughter make progress during  crawling because the memory foam made it so easy on her little knees. She also loved laying on her Squishy Mat to watch T.V. or just to play with her toys! She now is 16 months old and still loves her Squishy Mat and plays on it every day. I look forward to having our second child (coming soon) and getting to use Squishy Mats for them as well. They are easy to wash and after many months of use they still look like new! I absolutely encourage everyone to purchase a Squishy Mat, they will not regret it."
      ~Sophia's dad 






      "We had originally bought our Squishy Mat for our kiddo - however our dog quickly decided the mat is hers. Anytime I attempt to store the mat under my desk at home, Audrey just drags it back out to lay on. Even our friends have noticed how much Audrey loves her Squishy Mat. She's almost never laying anywhere else!"
      ~Audrey's mama





      "I was lucky enough to be test subject for one of the original prototypes of the Squishy Mat. As you can see they are a hit wth the kids, dog, even the guinea pig loves Squishy Mats. We all hang out on the floor, comfortably - not something that is easily accomplished on hardwood. Most days we have to  kick the dog off our Squishy Mat to use it, they are AMAZING!
      ~Alexa, Livia and Daisy's dad




      "Here's a picture snapped a mere second before Bonnie rolled off the ball and fell on the side of her head. You can see her starting to fall off the side. She was having a blast... until she fell. On our hardwood floors the fall normally would've resulted in me running to her side and comforting little cries and tears and combing through her hair looking for bumps. Not with our Squishy Mat! She laughed and crawled right back up and bounced on the ball like nothing had happened. We've got the changing mat too and use it every day."
      ~Bonnie's dad